Villa Mesopotamia

Project: Villa Mesopotamia

Size: Land size 20000sqm, Built area 2000sqm

Location: Al Anbar- Iraq

Status: Completed

Date: 2003-18

Villa Mesopotamia is a Residential Complex with two Houses and Diwan, over looking Euphrates River. The Minimilist architectural style was used to maximize river views and develop outdoor-Indoor relationship. The complex has large piazza overlooing the river with multi level terraces going down to the river water. The terraces are flooded in flood season allowing this natural relationship between the river and the terraces. The project celebrate the river and outdoor spaces: the project is best viewed from the river, and the river is best viewed from the project.

The project sits on the southern edge of the ancient Northern Mesopotamia on Euphrates river valley. This land has been the home of ancient civilations for more than 7000 years. The site is only 15km east of the ancient city of HIT, which is famous for its Tar Pits that supplied ancient Bablyon with its tar. This Historical land sits between the edge of desert highlands and the rich river Valley been home for civilization for over 7000 years.

Task: Architectural Design & Engineering, Interior Design, Construction, Supervison.


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